Ready Remedial | Concrete Spalling Repairs in Sydney
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Concrete Spalling

Expert Concrete Spalling Repairs in Sydney

Concrete spalling, or concrete cancer, occurs when the steel reinforcement within a concrete structure begins to corrode. This corrosion causes the steal to expand and the surrounding concrete to displace and crack. If left untreated, concrete spalling can lead to serious structural deterioration, and a major safety hazard, resulting in extensive remedial works.


At Ready Remedial, we understand the critical nature of concrete spalling and deliver concrete spalling repairs in Sydney of the highest standard, ensuring your home or building is structurally safe again.

Contact Ready Remedial today on 0410 340 444 or to discuss your concrete spalling repair needs.

What Causes Concrete Spalling?


There are many factors that lead to concrete spalling, however, the most common causes in the Sydney region include:


  • exposure to water, carbonation and high chloride levels, often found in coastal areas;
  • high pollution levels; and
  • poor construction techniques, often found in older buildings.


As the concrete deteriorates and cracks, it allows more moisture to enter the structure, which accelerates the concrete spalling process. Some key signs of concrete spalling are: cracks in the concrete; bubbling under the concrete render; rust stains that appear from within the concrete; and leaks from overhead concrete surfaces.


Concrete Spalling Repairs


At Ready Remedial, we have developed a thorough approach to concrete spalling repairs that ensures the issue is remediated quickly, and the structural integrity of the building is returned. Our approach involves:


  • Identifying the visible signs of concrete spalling and their current or potential safety impacts.
  • Understanding the underlying origins of the spalling.
  • Developing a concrete repair approach which rectifies the issue and ensures the building is safe again.
  • Implementing the concrete repair solution as quickly as possible, ensuring safety and quality requirements are adhered to.


If you have a concrete spalling issue within your home or building that needs rectification, you can rely on Ready Remedial’s team of experienced trades to get the job done.


Contact Ready Remedial today on 0410 340 444 or and let’s get started on your concrete repair project.

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